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      Shanghai Pengbo Titanium Dioxide Co.,Ltd

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      上海澎博钛白粉有限公司(原上海东钛化工厂),始建于1971年,具有40年生产钛白粉的历史。2006年6月,公司从松江搬迁到金山区,现落户在金山区第二工业区内。新建厂房30000多平米,占地面积120亩,总投资5亿元,是上海地区由矿石至钛白粉成品生产的企业。公司拥有先进的的全新设备装置,年产50000吨,生产各型钛白粉,广泛适用于涂料,塑料,化纤,橡胶,油漆,油墨,食品,医药,造纸,搪瓷,陶瓷,焊条,电子等各个领域,是极具市场潜力的化工产品。     “白天鹅”注册商标是公司的品牌,得到广大用户的认可和好评, 畅销世界各地。


      Shanghai Pengbo Titanium Dioxide Co.,Ltd (Former Shanghai Dongtai Chemical Plant), which was founded in 1971, has more than 40 years’ history in Titanium Dioxide production..

      Our new plant is located in the Second Industrial Park of Jinshan Shanghai, moving from Songjiang District in June 2006, with a total investment of 500 millon CNY, enlarges the area into 80,000 sqms, with plant area as 30,000 sqms.

      We are the sole manufacturer of Titanium Dioxide in Shanghai, with complete process from ilmenite to end product in Shanghai, Pengbo has a new set of equipment with an annual output of 50,000 tons, starting from ilmenite to end products of all kinds of top-ranking TiO2. For example, Rutile  applied in pigment, ink, paper; Anatase applied in chemical fiber; food grade TiO2 ; high purity TiO2  and even micrometre TiO2 applied in cosmetic.

      Our products are reputed both at home and abroad with excellent and stable properties, exported to over 50 countries, such as America, Germany, Spain, Holland ,Peru, Brazil etc. We are quite confident in our products and sincerely looking forward to our further cooperation !